Zhemgang Dzong

Build On: 1655 Category: Dzong Address Zhemgang

Zhemgang Dzong is undoubtedly the most important and the oldest religious structure in the district. It was founded by, Lama Zhang in 1163 AD, a fact from which the district now derives its name, Zhemgang, which is a corruption of Zhanggang or Lama Zhang’s Hill.

It was founded by Lama Zhang Dorje Drakpa who came to Bhutan from Tibet in the 12th century. Lama Zhang is considered the greatest Buddhist saint to settle at present day Zhemgang. In 1655, where he had built a hermitage, a small dzong was constructed to symbolize the unification of the three Kheng divisions.

The Dzong has six Lhakhangs viz. Goenkhang, Lamai goenkhang, Naib Lhakhang, Guru Lhankhang, Mithrub Lhakhang and Kuenrey Lhakhang. The most sacred is the Goenkhang, which is believed to have been built by Lam Zhang himself. The Naib Lhakhang is dedicated to the Dzong’s deity, Dorji Rabten, who was brought under control and appointed to safeguard the Dzong by Lam Zhang.

Source: authenticbhutantours.com

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