Gedan lhakhang

Build On: 14th century Category: Temple Address Bumthang

The temple in Gedan village was allegedly founded in the 14th century by Lam Phajo Drugom Zhigpo's son Wangchuk, according to oral histories previously related by Gedan Lam Jamyang. At the foot of a mountain that resembles Tsheringma Gang, the home of the Five Long-life Sisters, is where it is situated. Wangchuk constructed a square temple with one story that measured nine dom (a fathom or four cubits).

The prayer-wall near the temple has beautiful engraved slates inscribed with texts and the statue of Vajrapani is the most sacred image. The temple is a family temple looked after the head of the lineage. It holds a festival the Gaden Choepa . The venerated statue of Chador is brought down to the village temple on the occasion of the Yakchoe festival performed in front of the Ura village temple. The first day the statue of Vajrapani is taken out of its house in Gadan and brought in procession to the old woman house in Ura village and goes back to Gadan the last day of the festival. During this time, the central figure of the festival is the Gadan Gathpo (“the old man of Gadan”) who is at the same time a bawdy jester and the host of the festival. With a black wrinkled mask, dressed in dark woolen cloth and waving a wooden phallus, this figure has the heavy responsibility of the smooth running of the festival.

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