Karphu Lhakhang

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Karphu Lhakhang was founded by Terton Ratna Lingpa. This privately owned Lhakhang is accessible by road.

There are two oral accounts of how the name Karphu was derived. First, a small statue of Jetsen Jampelyang was believed to have flown from Tibet in the form of a white bird and landed at Zhekhar where the Gonpa now stands. Another story says that while a group of girls were weaving, a white bird landed on the weaving post of a beautiful girl. Unknowingly, the girl hit the bird. It said “Atsam Karphu” and flew away to the site where the present Lhakhang stands. It is how the name Karphu is believed to have got its name. The Lhakhang houses numerous precious relics – all treasures discovered by Terton Ratna Lingpa. The most popular being the ritual daggers that were discovered from the Khoma Zampa.

Source: Lhuntse Dzongkhag

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