Kidlung Lhakhang

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Kidlung Lhakhang is situated on a ridge above the road leading to Kurtoed Dungkar. A diversion to the left from the Kurtoed Dungkar road will take one to Kidlung
Lhakhang. Its approximately twenty minutes drive from the Lhuentse Dzong. 

The Lhakhang which stands overlooking the Kurichhu River and Thimyul Nagtshang is believed to have once housed a statue of Tshepamey discovered by a fisherman. The story accounts that the statue would fly out of its lodge and had to look-out and guarded on several occasions. At one point of time, the statue was tied with an iron chain to prevent it escaping from the Lhakhang. However, it was found that it had broken the chain and escaped. Today, the statue is housed in
Lhuentse Dzong

Footprint of Tshepamey statue

Kidlung Lhakhang houses the sacred iron chain then used to prevent the statue flying out of the Lhakhang. One can see footprint of the Tshepamey outside the Lhakhang which is believed to have imprinted while it was going out of Lhakhang

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