Zarthang Gonpa

Category: Temple Address Lhuentse

Zarthang Gonpa was built by Togden Karma Rabjur. It is about an hour walk from the road point. At a distance of few meters walk from the Gonpa, one can see Drupchu that was founded by Togden Karma Rabjur. 

It is believed that there was no water in that area before the Lam founded Drupchu. One can see Lam’s footprint on a stone where he sat on to take out Drupchu with his spiritual power. 

Cypress tree grown from the walking stick of
Togden Karma Rabjur

Next to the Gonpa, one could see a giant cypress tree believed to have grown from the walking stick of the Lam who built the Gonpa. It is said that the Lam then put his walking stick upside down. Therefore, unlike the normal trees the branches of this tree are hanging downward.

Zarthang Gonpa houses Kudung Chorten of Togden Karma Rabjur.

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