Ugyentsemo Lhakhang

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Situated on the summit of Taktshang Senge Samdrup, spacious and floating, renowned as the second copper-coloured mountain. It was founded by Gyalwa Kathogpa Uyo Yeshebum, who perceived the actual presence of Guru Rinpoche.
While the temple was being built here, the icon painter ask, " What kind of statues should we make surrounding the king of Physicians ( sman pa'i rgyal po)?" The kathogpa Lama ,Uyo Yeshebum repiled, "The prophecy of Ugyen Guru Rinpoche states: Paro Taktshang Senge Samdrup, although will be good in the beginning, will be degenerate in between. Eventually, it will be owned by a Vajra-holder ( a tantric lama). As it will be owned by the Pha Pelden Drukpa, so makes statues of Drukpa Kaygue lamas."
Although the original temple was eventually destroyed by fire, there is now a three storeyed Zangtopalri Temple with many wonderful image inside built by her Majesty Azhi Phuntsho Choden, the Queen of the second king Jigme Wangchuck in 1958.
—Druk Ge Nye

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