Zuri Lhakhang or Namthang karpo

Build On: 12th century Category: Temple Address Paro

In the 6th Rabjung, Yung Toen Dorji, the disciple of Zuri Jampa Singye, who had super natural powers, came to Paro. He established his Goenpa at a place called Namthong Karpo and blessed it and had a number of disciples. While he was in the monastery he brought in a self-embossed statue of Chanag Dorji and also built a Chorten with sandal wood.

In 2230 years, after Lord Buddha’s death or in 1352 during the 326th Rabjung, he converted the temple’s name to Zuri Lhakhang after the death of his master, Zuri Jampa Singye.

The Lhakhang was earlier known as Namthang karpo and was named by Guru Rinpoche. Visitors can see the shapes of many religious items in the place where the monastery lies. Even Lhasey Tshangma stayed for several months and took a consort, and had a son, whose descendents are now popularly known as Padro Gedung Chojay.

In the later days, the Zuri Lhakhang was used as water tower side by side with Ta-Dzong. The huge stores at the top of the Lhakhang and the tall cypress trees in front of the Lhakhang is said to be used as spring boat for throwing stone boulders incase of possible attack on the Rinpung Dzong.

Source: www.paro.gov.bt/node/304

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