Trashigang Goenpa

Build On: 1768 Category: Temple Address Thimphu

Lhadzong or Hongtsho Tashigang Gonpa a two storeyed monastery of an elaborate design, was built by Kunga Gyatsho the twelfth Je khenpo, in 1768. Above the Monastery there is a meditation temple of Kuntsham Meto Pelzang and above that the main residence of Kunga Gyatsho.
According to local accounts, the name of the place " Tashigang " is derived from "Tashi " a person name. When Je Kunga Gyatsho came to the place in order to built a monastery, he came across a person cutting a wooden posts. The lama asked him his name and he replied that his name was " Tashi". The Lama thought it was an auspicious coincidence and so named the monastery as Tashigang. Tashigang Gonpa is also the meditation place of famous mahasiddhas of Zhungdratshang Druthob Lam kado and currently Druthob kado is meditating there for almost more than 60 years...
There are three different paths to go to Tashigang Gonpa from Yoselpang ; from Hongtsho; and from Lungchuzekha. Now there is a also a rough road up to Gonpa which starts from the road between Dochula and Hongtsho.The Gonpa is situated at 3566 metres above sea level.
—Source Druk Ge Ney FB

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