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Haa Gonpa is located below Sangri Mountain Pass and above Tshaphe village, at an altitude of 2850 metres.
The temple was founded by a Siddha (saint) named Doyen Zhakpa . There is a blessed water source immediately infront of the temple.The Ha-Paro Highway runs through here and its is said that within the mountain is a vicious demon ( bdud) .
In order not to disturb the demon , people had to travel secretly and silently across it without making any noise or letting the bells of horse and mule ring. Because of this, mountain pass was known as Sangrila (secret mountain pass ) .
Lengend it say that once when the inhabitants of Haa Tshaphe went to fetch some wooden ploughs ( thongm), they heard the sounds of horns and gyaling (shawm) from afar , but when they reached the place , they only found seven pigeons cooing. When they went far away , they again heard the same sounds, but when they came back, they again found only the seven pigeons cooing.

The people were distrubuted by this phenomenon and so hurdled the wooden ploughs at the pigeons. One of the pigeons was injured while the others flew away. It is said that the seven pigeons were actually emanation of the seven Success Buddha ( Sangs rgyas rabs bdun) and the place is said to conceal a sacred hidden land.
Later, it is said a Buddhist saint visited this place ,subdued the demon and began to build a temple . Every night, he saw a roaring fire and one day , when he went to near to the fire to investigate, he found a dead pigeon . The saints brought the body of the dead pigeon back and interred it within one of the statues of the temples as a sacred relics.
Oral from Lam of Ha Gonpa and biography of Ha Goenpa
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