Lhakhang Nagpo

Build On: 7th century Category: Temple Address Haa

Lhakhang Nagpo, or the “Black Temple,” the other sacred monas- try in Haa is situated a little above Lhakhang Karpo, which is approxi- mately 5 - 10 minutes walk from Lhakhang Karpo.

It is said that Lhakhang Nagpo was built where the black rays of light that emanated from the body of Songtsen Gampo had fallen.

There are other accounts pertaining to Lhakhang Karpo & Nagpo. One common belief is that these two temples were built at a site where a white pigeon flew, which was ema- nation of Songtsen Gampo. Another belief accounts that these temples were built by three different groups of people who emerged spontane- ously from Miri Puen Sum, the three hills of Haa.  

Source: Travel guide, BCCI

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