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Shelkardra is one of the sacred places associated to Guru Rinpoche. Shelkardra is located behind Avalokiteshvara Hill, which is the middle hill of the three hills of Haa known as Miri Pun Sum. 

Shelkardra means combination of three terms. Shel in Dzongkha referred to as crystal like cliff where the temple is located, kar which means white and dra which means cliff in Dzongkha. It is said that the sixth speech incarnation of Zabdrung Jigme Tenzin, lived in Shelkardra temple during his early age.

There is a flat land above Shelkardra and it is believed that the fortunate ones can see a lake and a variety of fruits on this flat land. People narrate that the water pond by the cliff appeared as a pond of milk to Rani Choying Dorji. At that time she was carrying in her womb, Her Majesty Azhi Kesang Choden Wangchuk, the Queen of the Third King.

Source: Travel guide, BCCI

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